Documentary Wedding Photographer 2013 AIPP NSW Album of the Year

South Coast

If I had to describe my style it would be earnest. I don’t believe in staging scenarios or forcing emotions, I want to capture natural emotions, feelings and connections. I want personalities to be distinct from wedding to wedding and the best way to do that is to document people acting naturally. Every wedding has its own character and story, I want that to shine through in my work.

The photos I take aren’t your run-of-the-mill standard wedding shots. I approach each wedding differently and inject the personality of the couple into the shots I take. The moment you smiled, that moment you laughed, the moment you cried. These single moments tie together to tell the visual story of your day. Looking back at each photograph you will piece the moments together and remember the day as a whole through each individual frame. You will look back upon them for years to come, travel back in time to the day as it happened.

I live to capture the moment,  close up and candidly so that the heart and soul are present in every photograph. I want my work to feel like a human eye observing your day as it happens.

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