It took a few years before the mutual friend, convinced that Mick and Steph would be perfect for each other, was able to get the pair in the same room. “She loves to cook and loves a man with facial hair”, the mutual friend tells him. “He doesn’t have a beard, but I bet he could grown one”, the mutual friend tells her. “You guys would be great together”. Finally, it was at a fateful birthday bash that Mick spotted Steph hovering over the food table and Steph could see that, whilst he may have been sporting an horrendous Freddie Mercury moustache for Movember, the bearded potential was there.

The pair have been inseparable ever since. Steph and Mick share a love of food and cooking, Led Zeppelin, skiing and travel in general. Their weekends tend to involve their regular Saturday morning trip to Eveleigh Markets in Redfern, Sydney, multiple coffees at Campos in Newtown, and wrapping up with some sort of backyard dinner party with their closest friends. So it wouldn’t have been Mick and Steph’s wedding if it hadn’t involved a tight-knit group of family and friends, incredible food and a couple of DJs busting out some classic tunes.

bundanon trust bundanon trust wedding photographyRiversdale wedding photographswedding photography riversdalesouth coast wedding photographysouth coast wedding photographerRiversdale wedding photographyRiversdale wedding photographerwedding photography south coastwedding photographer south coastThe wonderful vendors who made it happen: -

Reception venue: Riversdale
Brides dress : Keera Denaan
Grooms suit: Brent Wilson
Make up artist/hair: Flawless Makeup
Flowers: Gypsyflora
Catering: Duck Duck Goose
Celebrant: Paul Greer

Molly Brown - Awesome pics Steph & Mick!

Sally Sanders - Looks like it was a wonderful day! You looked sensational!

Corrinne Strong - Love love love!!! Congrats :) steph your dress is truly amazing and mick you look very smart.

Leanne Clarke - Beautiful couple with a lovely family. Congratulations.

WE PLAY RECORDS - Such awesome dancers, this lot! Steph and Mick have the best taste in music, plus you know you’re onto a winner when the bride needs to change into her dancing shoes!

Natasja Kremers - John, this is so gorgeous! Amazing story telling with stunning images, the complete package. LOVE it.

D Spackman - wish we could have been there. All the best for the future.


It all started over a seven fitty snitty at the North Gong Pub… But if you ask James, it started long before then, April just didn’t know it. And from that fateful afternoon five years ago, these two have been inseparable – the perfect pair if they do say so themselves… Together they have shared a love of live and excessively loud music, developed an addiction to home-grown veggies, and created a lovely home together with the help of a mischievous Labrador Sooty; today they look forward to the beginning of a brand new adventure as Mr & Mrs.

It has been raining for more than a week, but they will not let the weather take away from the point of today – to make a lifetime of promises to each other with the support of the most caring and influential people that they know. But today she wakes to a rich sunrise full of warmth and she knows that today she will soon marry her best friend and it will be the best day of her life.

It will be the greatest day of your life, they said, but he would not know the level of truth in that until he sees her step from the cottage and start that walk down the aisle. And the image of her walking towards him, her hair shining in the sun, is one that will stay with him forever. An image to represent the love that they share and the feeling of pure happiness that they feel on that perfect autumn afternoon.

Time passes by so quickly and their wedding day is no exception, but thankfully the joy of their day will be captured through photographs to be relived for as long as they both shall live.

Bush Bank Weddings - Great Job John, as usual you aced it. Kx


We were absolutely blown away seeing our wedding photos online, but it wasn’t until a few months afterwards (after the craziness and the hype and the honeymoon – and after we had settled back into reality) when we sat and turned the pages of our fine art album that we saw our wedding for the first time. It was breathtakingly powerful. The colours jumped off the pages. The sequence and composition told the story of our day. In the moment after closing the last page, we sat there together so happy and so proud of our wedding.

We still can’t quite come to terms with the importance or value or outright love we have for that book. And it’s only going to grow as our memories fade and as children come into the world. It’s not just a possession, it’s a treasure. It’s our story. I have found myself putting it up to my chest with both arms wrapped around before I open it and get lost in those beautiful pages.

So here’s to you – Mr John Benavente. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We’ll open that book in 50 years time, think of you and smile. You’ve now inspired us to bring other photographs and memories off our computers and back into our lives.visionart fine art wedding book driftwood shed weddingdriftwood shed wedding photographerdriftwood shed wedding photographyvisionart fine art wedding book

Dan O'Day - nice one fella, looks great.

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