Georgia and Jason were married earlier this year at the majestic Bendooley Estate in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW on one of the warmest dates in recent memory. Days like this make it a pleasure to be a Southern Highlands Wedding photographer.

As per usual, the wedding day commenced with the early morning bridal preparation with the girls having a blast getting their hair and makeup down with plenty of champagne, fun, and giggles in between. The boys always seem to be a bit more relaxed but there’s always time for a few relaxing shots of tequila. As I mentioned earlier, it was a warmish day which further added to the general ambiance love in the air that day. I also witnessed some of the most beautiful vows and I am one hundred percent certain there was not a dry eye in the house by the time the ceremony had concluded. Once the official signing of the marriage was completed, the couple were congratulated by their family and friends, warm embraces and congratulatory smiles were on offer. Once the ceremony was officially over we took a stroll through the amazing property, its open fields and manicured gardens provide you with so many perfect opportunities for portraits. My creative portrait time is super chilled and relaxed (just like me) as it’s a great time to relax, have a champagne or two and capture some nice candid photographs of you and your bridal party. It’s also important to have some quiet time together before the ensuing reception party.

Their wedding day was a complete representation of the things they love and are passionate about, friends and family. What followed was a night of heartfelt speeches and crazy dancing. It was a pleasure to document their amazing wedding day as it was very honest and beautiful.Southern Highlands Wedding Photography Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer Southern Highlands Wedding Photography Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer Southern Highlands Wedding Photography Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer



Today I would love to share the beautiful south coast wedding of Kath & Jamie at the wonderful Merribee House.

Kat is a solicitor and Jamie is a chef and met at the Merimbula Lakeview Hotel in 2007 where Jamie was working as an apprentice chef at the time and Kat had just turned 18 and returned home to Merimbula from boarding school. They share a passion for good food, good wine and a bloody good time. They especially love entertaining friends and camping. The ceremony was in the rose garden at the back of Merribee. They wanted a few laughs at the ceremony to reflect their relationship and  Celebrant Todd Mayhew certainly made that happen. They also wanted a place that was big enough to host about 170 people and Merribee was pretty much perfect as it was halfway from their home town of Merimbula and Sydney where we currently live.

The couple and friends danced the night away under the stars. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I did creating them.



Today I would love to show you another beautiful Bowral Wedding at Bendooley Estate wedding which is located in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Rachel and Dane chose to get married in April and there’s quite nothing like seeing the beauty of Autumn colours in Bowral.

The weather gods were on our side this day as storm clouds came looming in before the ceremony although the gods were very kind to us on this day. We temporarily delayed the ceremony so we could take full advantage of the majestical cool-climate gardens and this decision certainly paid off. After the ceremony, we strolled around the property taking full advantage of the abundance of autumn colours that draped from the historic homestead and explored the number of pathways and open fields the property has on offer. The night was filled with hilarious and heartfelt speeches completed with an epic dancefloor which was pumping all night long. I would like to acknowledge the following wedding vendors who made it all happen: – Samantha Lee makeup, Flora Pines Design Co, Hayley Ann Styling, Sue Jackman Civil Celebrant and Something Borrowed band.

Scroll on through to see the rest of their story and let us know what you think.


? Driving down the long winding country driveway of the picturesque farm property I had a feeling that it was just going to be one of those days where everything would fall into place and I was not wrong. Willow Farm is such a special place as it provides a one-stop shop for all couples, a beautiful country farm to get ready in, multiple ceremonies and portrait locations and a rustic farm shed for the evening reception or even bring in your marquee if you would like to party under the stars, and party they did. Both Michelle & Nick work in hospitality so I knew it was going to be one fantastic night of partying.

It was a complete representation of the things they love and are passionate about, music, food, and fun. What followed was a romantic night dining under the stars, crazy dancing and it was a pleasure being able to document their wedding day, it was very raw and beautiful.

I would also to acknowledge the vendors who worked tirelessly in bringing all this together. In no particular order, I would like to thank Monica at Hooray Events who was responsible for all the styling and coordination on the day, Lola Mai Floral Styling, Alexandra at Eternal Elegance, Nicola at Bodhi Hair, Adam from The Vintage Stylus who played dancefloor fillers all night long and Jo and the fabulous team at Garnish Catering who always go above and beyond to look after the guests and workers 🙂 These wedding vendors showcase some of the south coast’s finest wedding suppliers.

I hope you enjoy the images.

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Thank you to all the amazing vendors who made this day possible:-
Reception venue: Willow Farm Berry
Brides dress: Leah Da Gloria
Grooms Suit: MJ Bale
Stylist: Hoorah Events
Makeup artist/hair: Eternal Elegance & Bodhi Hair
Cake: Chloe Kerr Cakes & Grumpy Donut