Weddings , September 12, 2018

Jock and Tamara’s Hazelhurst Cafe Wedding was held in Gymea which is part the beautiful Sutherland Shire of NSW.

Jock and Tamara met at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst whilst living on the same campus. They originally met in their first year of study in 2011 but didn’t notice each other too much (he was the cool paramedic student, and she was the loud Journalism student). They slowly started having the same mutual friends and after a summer break, they came back in 2012 and it was like a light came on for both of them when they finally got to know each other. They only really gave a wave or a smile in the corridor but after ‘properly meeting’ they both knew they had met the one.. the rest is history!

They are a couple that on paper would not have never worked. Jock is from a working sheep farm in Laggan, NSW, where he spent all his weekends at Cricket or on the farm and Tamara grew up by the beach in Cronulla, NSW, where she spent all her weekend’s tanning and going out with friends. They met as two very different people with two very different backgrounds. They do always say opposites attract, right? They loved how fascinated they were with each other’s upbringings and found they had a lot more in common than they thought. Despite the two different worlds they were from, they both had the same sense of humour, a passion for a fun-filled life and killer dance-floor moves. Six and a half years later and they have traveled across the state for each other, with Jock moving ambulance stations four different times, and Tamara chasing her media career. They are now busy renovating a house in Goulburn on the weekends and commuting to Canberra each day for work.

The couple wanted to throw a party, not a wedding. They only cared about the nearest and dearest having the time of their lives while celebrating their love. They are both sentimental and decided to get married in Tamara’s hometown of Cronulla. Her engagement ring is her Granny’s from the 1960s, so it was only fitting to get ready at her house, right on Darook Park where they said ‘I Do’. It was so special to have their friends and family from all over the country come to a place so meaningful and it felt so special to ‘show-off’ her childhood home in all its glory. Under the hot February sun, they ate gelato and drank champagne at Darook Park before heading to Hazelhurst Art Gallery in Gymea for the reception. Hazelhurst was the perfect venue for the vibe, they wanted a good time! It was a stand-up cocktail wedding filled with plenty of delicious food and drinks. Everyone mingled with each other, danced like crazy together and laughed and cried with us all night long.

I would love to photograph another Hazelhurst Cafe wedding so please get in touch if you enjoyed this wedding.



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