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        We were absolutely blown away seeing our wedding photos online, but it wasn’t until a few months afterwards (after the craziness and the hype and the honeymoon – and after we had settled back into reality) when we sat and turned the pages of our fine art album that we saw our wedding for the first time. It was breathtakingly powerful. The colours jumped off the pages. The sequence and composition told the story of our day. In the moment after closing the last page, we sat there together so happy and so proud of our wedding.

        We still can’t quite come to terms with the importance or value or outright love we have for that book. And it’s only going to grow as our memories fade and as children come into the world. It’s not just a possession, it’s a treasure. It’s our story. I have found myself putting it up to my chest with both arms wrapped around before I open it and get lost in those beautiful pages.

        So here’s to you – Mr John Benavente. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We’ll open that book in 50 years time, think of you and smile. You’ve now inspired us to bring other photographs and memories off our computers and back into our lives. visionart fine art wedding book driftwood shed weddingdriftwood shed wedding photographerdriftwood shed wedding photographyvisionart fine art wedding book



        nice one fella, looks great.

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