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        Good coffee . good food . good fashion. good vibes. Do yourself a favour and head down to the funkiest place in Wollongong, lee & me cafe.



        look like a nice place ! cause of the nice pictures πŸ™‚

        Hey mate, awesome shoot – love the vibe and favour!

        bummed we didn’t get asked for any autographs today at lunch. however i understand you like to keep it low key.
        love how you see lee & me. nice work john ben… google it.

        I WANT THIS TO BE MY LOCAL! Rad presentation dude… im in awe!

        OH MY GOLLY GOODNESS JOHN!!!! WHAT AN AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME CAFE SHOP!!! Truly love it (sorry for shouting)!!!! This just made my heart flutter with joy! I love the decor and the overall feel of the cafe. You have captured it so well. There is so much feeling warmth in your images. thank you for sharing these!

        love your pics john …. great food and such a funky place! we have to go back there again soon!!

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